Urban Traffic Management Solutions

Solution UTM

Indian cities and metros are densely populated like no other. The Indian government’s drive for smart cities is perfectly timed, as it is estimated that by 2030, there will be 590 million Indians living in cities, with a population of 1 million plus each in 68 cities.

To maximize the opportunities offered by cities and minimize the strains of urban life, intelligent urban traffic management solutions will be a keystone in this development.

Inventing ways for more efficient use of existing roadway capacities, uninterrupted traffic flows, reduction in travel times, better guidance, planned parking, safer, well-lit accident-free roads, continuous surveillance and swift emergency response is our focus.

By providing comprehensive, end-to-end smart mobility solutions we aim to do our bit for India’s success.

Intelligent Traffic Management System with Video Detection

With the ever increasing traffic on the roads, traffic detectors provide reliable and appropriate management of traffic flows. This is especially useful at the traffic signal intersections.

  • Video detection:

    Real time image processing by video detection helps in analysis and implementation of optimum signal durations. Predictive analysis also helps in smoothening traffic flows.

  • Radar Detection:

    Radar detection is an extremely effective way of monitoring vehicles in motion within a specific area.

  • IR Detectors:

    Parked vehicles and pedestrians at the crossings can be spotted with infrared sensors.

  • Combined technologies:

    A combination of all the above mentioned technologies is used for accurate detection and management of traffic incidents in cities.

Variable Message Signs - Roadside & Mobile

Variable Message Signs are important components of intelligent traffic management. As the name itself connotes, these signs can be used for a variety of messages – from directions to weather updates, speed warnings to driving instructions.

Roadside VMS:

  • LED Parking Display

  • Driver Feedback signs

  • LIFE: VMS for low ceiling car parks

  • LED dot matrix for signal display

  • LED Variable Message Signs with limited, freely

  • Programmable or combined display

  • DRIPS: Large overhead LED displays

Mobile VMS:

  • LED Mobile displays about ongoing road work

  • LED Mobile signalisation: Warning trailers

  • M-Spot: Mobile car-top displays

CCTV Surveillance

Under CCTV Surveillance, we provide a wide network of cameras that record accurate information including voice and video from different areas. Continuous monitoring makes it possible to provide quick responses to all traffic and security situations. The data generated is also useful for other analysis.

All video cameras are the terminals of a TCP/IP based network. A video image belonging to any video camera can be monitored at many points of the system without any decrease in speed and quality.

  • Dome cameras

  • PTZ video cameras

  • 360º moving angle video cameras with high resolution

  • Video cameras with their own IP address

  • Active video cameras (control of Pan Tilt Unit)

Parking Management System

Parking Management System offers customized parking solutions to airports, shopping malls, hotels, government buildings and private companies. We have both On-Street & Off-Street Parking Systems to provide convenient, safe, environment-friendly parking to motorists. The systems are designed so as to be easy-to-understand and handle for the operators.

  • On-street parking

  • Off-street parking

  • Fully Automatic Entry System

  • RFID/Smart card option for Identification & payments

  • Communication with Central Control room

  • Web based design

  • Secured transactions

  • Various payment options (cash, credit/debit card, Discount vouchers, Value card, Exempt payment)

Bus Priority & Management System

Bus Priority & Management Systems track public transport over a road network & give them special clearances at traffic signals. Thus cutting down travel time, these systems encourage people to use public transport and help in reduction of traffic congestion to a great extent.

  • Provides an intelligent interface of public transport system with Area Traffic Control

  • Detects the presence of the bus on the pre-defined Bus Lane

  • Bus Detection units located at the strategic locations on the Pre-defined BUS lanes, to detect the presence of the Bus

  • Uses the combination of the Induction Loop & Treadle sensors, to detect the presence of the vehicle on the lane and to differentiate between bus and other vehicles

  • Traffic Controller collects the BUS detection data from all Bus Detection Units and then sends it to the Bus Priority server situated in the Central control Room

Street Lighting Management System

An innovative approach to street lighting is the use of LED lights for traffic signals as well as overall road lighting. Reduced power consumption and major energy savings are two of the many benefits of using LED lights.


  • EN certified Central Light Source Traffic Lights

  • Animated Pedestrian with Countdown Timers with Beeper

  • Full Graphic Vehicular Countdown Timers

  • Chrono LED's Traffic Lights

  • Solar Warning Flasher / Blinkers