UTOPIA is a high-performance adaptive traffic control system designed to optimize traffic flows. It offers a wide range of strategies designed to suit any road network and even unpredictable traffic conditions. In the fully adaptive mode, it constantly monitors and forecasts the traffic status and optimizes the control strategy according to flow efficiency and/or environmental criteria.

Key Features

  • Selective priority for public transport:

    Utopia tracks public transport over a road network & gives them special clearances at traffic signals. Thus cutting down travel time, these systems encourage people to use public transport and help in reduction of traffic congestion to a great extent.

  • Constant system updates

    Constant innovation and enhancements have made this system one of the most advanced Urban Traffic Control systems in the world. Today, Utopia successfully manages traffic operations in dozens of metros worldwide.

  • Time Saving

    • Time saving for private cars > 15%

    • Reduction in queuing time > 50%

    • Increase of commercial speed for public transport > 20%

Key Benefits

  • Real-time optimization of traffic signals

  • Fully adaptive control, plan selection, traffic responsiveness and traffic actuated strategies

  • Hierarchical and decentralized architecture

  • Modular, scalable and fully integrated with OMNIA

  • Can be interfaced with a large variety of traffic light controllers

  • Supports the traffic manager by offering a full set of tools for real time traffic monitoring and incident identification. Also generates statistical reports

  • Automatically generates statistical reports

  • Immediately warns of malfunctioning, enabling rapid intervention for maintenance

  • Able to interface with other systems to supply data for information services, and also deal with priority requests for special vehicles (e.g. Ambulances, fire engines)