Bus Priority System


Bus Priority & Management Systems track public transport vehicles and give them special clearances at traffic signals. Thus cutting down travel time, these systems encourage people to use public transport and help in reduction of traffic congestion to a great extent.

Key Features

  • Perfect co-ordination between detection units and server

    Traffic Controller collects Bus detection data from all Bus Detection Units and then sends it to the Bus Priority Server situated in the Central Control Room.

  • Special Clearances for Bus

    Once the presence of a bus is detected on a lane after differentiating it from other vehicles, it is given selective priority and special clearances.

Key Benefits

  • Accurate Bus Detection

    Bus detection units located at strategic locations on the pre-defined Bus lanes accurately detect the presence of a bus by using a combination of Induction Loop & Treadle Sensors.

  • Assists Area Traffic Control

    Through intelligent interface of the public transport system with the Area Traffic Control, the system helps in swift traffic regulation.