Tunnel Management System

Tunnel Management System

A complete traffic management system for tunnels comprises of LED variable message signs, traffic counting equipment, weather stations, CCTV surveillance and accurate incident detection.

Key Features

  • Dynamic traffic management

    Dynamic traffic management for lane control ahead of tunnels and lane assignment inside tunnels is achieved with the efficient use of LED VMS signs.

  • Automatic Incident Detection in Tunnels

    Through real-time analysis of CCTV images, all major incidents are detected within seconds including stopped vehicles, wrong way drivers, queues, pedestrians, smoke, slow moving vehicles and fallen objects.

  • LED Tunnel Sign - LIFE

    LIFE has been especially developed for tunnels where ceiling height is limited. It has a stair shape and is very small in size but with excellent visual perception. The growing appearance of the sign as the driver approaches makes it easily noticeable.

  • Outstation Primos Modular

    The outstation Primos Modular has many applications: acquisition of traffic data, axle loads and environmental data, control of variable message signs, ramp metering and traffic control in the course of road tunnels.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures traffic safety in tunnels

  • Weather notifications provided

  • CCTV surveillance provides security

  • Monitors speed in the tunnels