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Red Light Monitoring System

Red Light Monitoring System

Efficient, accurate and extremely reliable, the red light monitoring system has been developed for monitoring traffic signal violations and speeding offences. As multiple vehicles in different lanes are simultaneously monitored, this system improves safety for the motorists as well as the pedestrians.

Key Features

  • Hi-speed cameras and relay

  • Combined red light and speed monitoring

  • Monitors several lanes simultaneously

  • High efficiency in monitoring as well as recording

  • Provides accurate data as well as proof of traffic signal violations

Key Benefits

  • Traffic Safety

    Improves safety and saves lives at crossroads by ensuring motorists don’t drive through on-coming traffic. This minimizes side collisions that can prove fatal.

  • Wide and Accurate Monitoring

    Vehicles can be monitored simultaneously when even travelling parallel or close-behind each other.

  • Enforcement of Traffic Rules

    By capturing signal violations on a high resolution camera, disregard of traffic regulations is brought under control.