Intelligent Transport System


Intelligent Transport System (ITS) constitutes information and communication technologies applied in the field of road transport for traffic and mobility management and to interface with other modes of transport. ITS is mandatory in today’s world with its high traffic volumes, for coordinated traffic management and to enable various users to be better informed and make safer and smarter use of roads.

Centralized Smart City Software System - OMNIA

OMNIA is an intelligent, high-level platform that serves as the mother system in urban as well as inter-urban traffic management. It provides customized ITS environment with the flexibility to modify / add ITS applications as per need.

  • A high level framework which provides a whole life cycle of a system: implementation, operation, updating and planning.

  • Any ITS application (Inter-Urban Traffic Control, Public Transport, Parking, Streetlights and VMS) can be integrated within the platform.

  • Provides customized ITS environment with the ability to add new ITS applications or modify some of the existing applications as per need.

  • An exceptionally flexible, user-friendly and multi-lingual graphical interface.

  • Collects real time data and uses it to manage traffic operations and to forecast traffic mobility. Gives operators and managers access to high quality data for strategic planning.

  • Offers embedded functionalities for advanced traffic monitoring which includes traffic data and system component diagnostics. All the traffic measures (traffic volumes, speed, etc) and traffic related data (e.g. signal plan, clearance capacity) are gathered and stored in the central system archive together with their estimated statistical profiles.

  • Its effectiveness in managing ITS applications brings immediate returns as well as long term benefits due to the support it gives in strategic planning.

  • The diagnostic status is constantly updated for all system components. This data is stored and made available through dedicated screens and detailed reports.

Adaptive Traffic Control System – UTOPIA

UTOPIA is a high-performance adaptive traffic control system designed to optimize traffic flows. It offers a wide range of strategies designed to suit any road network and even unpredictable traffic conditions. In the fully adaptive mode, it constantly monitors and forecasts the traffic status and optimizes the control strategy according to flow efficiency and/or environmental criteria.

  • Real-time optimization of traffic signals

  • Absolute or selective priority for public transport

  • Fully adaptive control, plan selection, traffic responsive and traffic actuated strategies

  • Hierarchical and de-centralized architecture

  • Modular, scalable and fully integrated with OMNIA

  • Can be interfaced to a large variety of traffic light controllers

  • Supports the traffic manager by offering a full set of tools for real time traffic monitoring and incident identification. Also generates statistical reports

  • Automatically generates statistical reports

  • Immediately warns of malfunctioning, enabling rapid intervention for maintenance

  • Able to interface with other systems to supply data for information services and also deal with priority requests for special vehicles (e.g. Ambulances, fire engines)