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Automatic Road Barriers/ Bollards

Automatic Road Barriers Bollards

Automatic Road Barriers / Bollards are the simplest forms of successful traffic management systems. They are used for vehicle access control at entrances and tolls, as controls for monitoring vehicle occupancy and for counting vehicles in parking garages.

Key Features

  • Reliable data acquisition independent of environmental influences.

  • Fast automatic tuning after switch-on.

  • Wide adjustable range of response sensitivity.

  • Continuous adjustment of frequency drifts because of changing temperature and humidity.

  • High noise immunity due to frequency adjustment and oversampling.

  • Nullifies the need to insert a ticket or credit card at parking spaces.

Key Benefits

  • Reliable vehicle detection

    The system has inductive loop detectors designed for reliable vehicle detection at barriers, gates and parking.The ID-based system enables contactless access via RFID or some other chip or license plate recognition.

  • Uncompromised efficiency

    The system remains unaffected by climatic changes like fluctuations in temperature and humidity, thus providing consistency in service.

  • Security provider

    The system merges access control and identity management to provide improved security and convenience. ID-based access control makes parking more efficient and safe.

  • Priority parking

    The system is ideal for establishments that provide preferential parking to regular customers and tenants. Automatic license place recognition enables automatic barrier opening for registered customers while random customers may face a ‘FULL’ sign.