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Emergency Call Box


Emergency Call Box System is an end-to-end solution for road-side assistance in case of emergency events. It is a robust communication system that comprises of telephone boxes installed at the highway and connected to a control centre for swift emergency response.

Key Features

  • Hands-free Emergency calling:

    SOS Emergency Call Box offers hands-free emergency call management service.

  • End-to-end Solution:

    The call-box with Video IP Camera is mounted on a pole. All the call boxes are connected to a central server through an underground network of Ethernet/fibre cables. The operator terminal is served by a reliable and secure software-based PBX server backed by a VOIP system to attend the calls.

  • Design compliances:

    The design components of the system comply to international standards such as CE, IP65 and UL

  • Remote Service:

    With GSM connectivity, Video Capture and browser-based call management application with a live site map, the calls for help can be served practically from a remote location.

  • Direct routing to Emergency Services:

    If required, the call can be transferred and connected directly to some emergency service such as a hospital, fire-brigade or police assistance.

  • Connectivity Options:

    The system runs on an Ethernet network with fiber optic connectivity as an option.

Key Benefits

  • Easy –to-use Hassle-free operations with hands-free calling.

  • VOIP platform renders a good quality of service.

  • Video images and live site map help in pinpointing exact location and problem

  • Calls can be routed directly to a hospital, fire-brigade or police for assistance.

  • Ethernet and fiber optic connectivity options enhance the robustness of the system.