Inter Urban Traffic Management Solutions

Solution IUTM

The road network of India is the second largest in the world with total length of around 4,700,000 kilometers. Apart from expressways, national and state highways, elevated expressways, cloverleaf interchanges, river road bridges, flyovers and tunnels (some of which are the longest and largest in Asia) are a part of this network.

Today, more and more towns in India are being connected every day with highways as road building activity is at its peak. An intelligent, integrated highways and tunnels management system is essential for smooth, uninterrupted, monitored and controlled traffic movement.

We design solutions to ensure smooth traffic flow, clear directions, effective speed control, reliable surveillance and swift emergency response.

Video Incident detection systems

Highway incidents need to be identified and resolved swiftly to prevent grave injury and traffic congestion. Our Video Incident Detection System automatically detects an incident that has occurred and aids in appropriate response.

  • PTZ and Fixed Cameras are used for high precision detection of incidents like stopped vehicle, wrong way driver, over-speeding, under-speeding, speed drop and traffic congestion

  • Also detects non-traffic incidents like smoke or fallen object in the tunnel

  • Collects traffic related data on highways like speed of traffic flow, zone occupancy, average speed per vehicle, gap time, video sequences and vehicle data and classification

  • Digital recording one minute prior and two minutes post the incident

  • 24 x 7 reliability and enhanced safety on highways and in tunnels

  • Easy to install and maintain

Emergency Call Box System

Emergency communication system is the backbone of an efficient emergency response system. Trafitek’s Emergency Call Boxes (ECB s) are installed at the highway and connected to the control centre through Ethernet or fibre optic network. It is an easy-to-use, hands-free system where the motorist just has to press a push-button to get connected to GSM network and convey the emergency to the operator.

  • 24x7, easy –to-use, hassle-free operations with hands-free calling.

  • VOIP platform renders a good quality of service.

  • Video images and live site map help in pinpointing exact location and problem

  • Calls can be routed directly to a hospital, fire-brigade or police for assistance

  • Ethernet and fiber optic connectivity options enhance the robustness of the system

CCTV Surveillance

A network of cameras that records accurate information including voice and video from different highways and tunnels help in efficient monitoring, control and aid of traffic situations. All video cameras are the terminals of TCP/IP based network. A video image belonging to any video camera can be monitored at many points of the system without any decrease in speed and quality.

  • Dome cameras

  • PTZ video cameras

  • 360º moving angle video cameras with high resolution

  • Video cameras with their own IP address

  • Active video cameras (control of Pan Tilt Unit)

Speed Warning & Enforcement Systems

High accuracy speed measuring is possible with innovative speed classification detectors. They measure the speed of vehicles upto 300 km/hr. Speed enforcement with or without motorcycles ensures safe driving on highways.

Automatic Counter Classifier

Automatic Counter Classifier is a high speed traffic data collection system that comprises of Inductive Loop Sensors. It detects and records all types of vehicles plying on highways, based on their length and number of axles. It is also able to store vehicle data for a period of at least two weeks under high traffic volume.


  • 4 lanes of Counters/Classifiers using Loop-Loop Profiling

  • Double loop sensor per lane

  • Vehicle–by–vehicle data recording

  • Traffic alerting, event monitoring and incident detection

  • Data download, real time view and diagnostics

Tunnel Management System

Complete traffic management system for tunnels comprises of LED variable message signs, traffic counting equipment, weather stations, CCTV surveillance and accurate incident detection.

  • LED Variable Message Signs:

    LED VMS provide dynamic traffic management for lane control ahead of tunnels and lane assignment inside tunnels.

  • Automatic Incident Detection in Tunnels:

    Effective tunnel incident management completely depends on fast incident detection. Through analysis of CCTV camera images, all major incidents are detected within seconds including stopped vehicles, wrong way drivers, queues, pedestrians, smoke, slow moving vehicles and fallen objects.

  • Outstation Primos Modular:

    The outstation Primos Modular has many applications: acquisition of traffic data, axle loads and environmental data, control of variable message signs, ramp metering and traffic control in the course of road tunnels.

  • LED Tunnel Sign: LIFE

    LIFE has been especially developed for tunnels where ceiling height is limited. It has a stair shape and is very small in size (less than 20 cm / 8 inches in overall height) but with excellent visual perception. The growing appearance of the sign as the driver approaches makes it easily noticeable. It is easy to remove or replace these signs.