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About us
Dhaval Desai - Director

TRAFITEK is a Limited Company founded in June 2009 by a professional with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Intelligent Traffic Systems. The Company incorporated under Indian Companies act 1956 is registered to carry business of Trading, Import, Export, Sales, Installation, after – sales service, Engineering services, Technical Support, repair etc for all types of products in Traffic Management & Intelligent Traffic Solutions.

The Intelligent Traffic Solutions promoted & supported by M/s. TRAFITEK Solutions Pvt. Ltd., are further divided in three verticals namely:
  • Urban Traffic Management Systems:- Area Traffic Control Systems (ATC), Variable Message Signs (VMS), Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) & Automatic Incident detection System, Parking Management Systems(PMS), Red light Monitoring, Urban Traffic Management Software, Bus priority system etc.

  • Highway Traffic Management Systems:- Variable Message Signs (VMS), Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) & Automatic Incident detection System (AIDS) , Emergency Call Boxes (ECB), Weather Monitoring Systems (WMS), Automatic Traffic Counter Classifier(ATCC), WEB based Traffic Management Software, etc.

  • Tunnel Management Systems:- Lane Signs, Speed Signs, Automatic Incident detection System, Variable Message Signs (VMS), Emergency Call Boxes (ECB) WEB based Tunnel Management Software etc.
About Us
TRAFITEK represents ORTANA as an exclusive distributor for their Traffic Management Products covering the Indian Subcontinent region. ORTANA is one of the largest ITS Company in the Euro-Asian Region for their complete line of ITS products which include Traffic Signalization equipment, Dynamic LED based VMS, Speed & Road warning Signs, WMS, Automatic Counter Classifiers, CCTV monitoring systems. ORTANA has integrated central monitoring software for all the above applications.
ORTANA have executed large projects in Asia [UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia] & also in Europe [Turkey, Netherlands, Kazakhstan & many more]. ORTANA is an ISO 9001 quality certified company & have CE & EN certification for all their products. The ORTANA factory has been certified as a CE certified factory having all the equipments to test the products as required by CE.

Within the First year of its inception, TRAFITEK has already bagged few major orders in Urban & Highway Traffic Project Management. These orders include the Mumbai full color VMS project with GPRS connectivity to the police control room. This project was undertaken under the disaster management program of Mumbai city. The other major order is installation of 700 Traficon cameras around Mumbai city for the detection of Traffic under the Area Traffic Control System installed by M/s. Telvent Trafico, Spain. We are also supplying two full graphic VMS to M/s. EFKON of the HCC BFTL project near Faridabad. We are participating in various Urban & Inter Urban ITS projects & hope to close few more major orders in the coming six months.
The other partners & alliances of TRAFITEK are:-
  • Telvent Trafico y Transporte S.A, Madrid for Urban Traffic Management Systems
  • Leotek Electronics [LITEON Taiwan] for EN certified Traffic Lights & LED Street Lights
  • SCIRRCO AB, Sweden for RFID products used in Tolling & Parking Applications
  • Pyrotech Electronics Private Limited, India for Poles, Gantry structures & Steel Enclosures
  • Aakar Abhinav Consultants, India for Traffic Management Studies
About Us
Currently TRAFITEK are a team of 15 plus, majority of which are engineers & Technicians. We are building up the resources on project by project basis. TRAFITEK has experienced personnel who have managed many projects including the 100 crore Mumbai ATC project which was the largest Traffic Management project in Asia.

The Indian Road infrastructure is growing by more than 30% every year which gives great potential to TRAFITEK to provide, implement & monitor ITS solutions all over India. The ITS market in India is more than 300 crores & is growing by 40% - 50% every year. TRAFITEK along with all their International & Local partners have great capability to win a good share of this market size & execute large traffic management projects in India.